Pacific Rim Trailer Sales - Your One-Stop Shop for Quality Utility Trailers!

Pacific Rim Trailer Sales - Your One-Stop Shop for Quality Utility Trailers!

Company Bio

Pacific Rim Trailer Sales is a family-owned and operated business founded in 2017 by Mark and Diane Beecroft. After identifying a gap in the local market for utility trailers, they opened their business a year later, securing a prime highway frontage location. Pacific Rim Trailer Sales provide high-quality trailers manufactured using Nucor Steel, a superior North American steel with even and finished welds.

Pacific Rim Trailer Sales is a family-owned and operated trailer dealing business founded in 2017

Personal Bio

Mark Beecroft

Mark Beecroft has been the Owner and Operator of a Transportation business for over 40 years. His extensive experience in the field has allowed him to gain solid background knowledge in the field has gained him solid information on the operation and maintenance of trailers and highway regulations. With 15 years experience transporting trailers from US manufacturers, his wide exposure to trailer brands led him to choose the VERSATILE trailers line that he sells today. Mark is skilled at mechanics and repairs his own Commercial tractor-trailer units. Mark’s ability to educate clients on what type and size of trailer they will require, is unmatched. His talent allows you to buy the right trailer the first time.

His passion is refurbishing his Long Nose vintage Peterbilt.

Diane Beecroft

Diane Beecroft is a seasoned Economic Development Officer with a passion for helping businesses grow and thrive. With a track record of developing large and small businesses, She has won multiple Canadian Awards for her work in National Marketing Campaigns. But Diane's interests don't stop there - she's also a skilled retail and wholesale business owner and operated a successful training center. A gardener at heart, Diane spends her off time outdoors with her plants and pets. With her caring and approachable personality, Diane has a unique ability to approach clients and provide accurate information on each type of trailer. Diane has the unique ability to collect and analysis trailer requirements thus being able provide accurate trailer options. Her negotiating skills create a relaxing and enjoyable experience for both parties.

Our mission is to assist customers in selecting the appropriate utility trailer for their specific needs. We aim to educate our clients on the different trailer styles, lengths, widths, and axle weights required to haul cargo legally. Our team provides expert advice and suggests upgrades for clients' vehicles, including new hitches and wiring for lights and brakes. We strive to ensure our clients fully understand the road laws for towing a trailer. Our focus is always on providing exceptional customer service and quality products that exceed our client's expectations.